​​Why would I want to have a forged iron door entry instead of a traditional wood entry?

First, the classic beauty of a forged iron door entry distinctively stands out, creating a look that enhances every home’s appearance. Iron entries instantly add value to a home and to its street appeal. It’s the part of your home that everyone notices… and will remember. You not only get timeless beauty, but durability and safety that is unmatched by other door manufacturers. One look and you can see the Quantum Entries difference!

Impeccable Beauty and Old World Craftsmanship.

​​The Last Door You Will Ever Buy!


What about Safety and Security?

The exceptional strength and design of these solid doors make them resistant to forced entry. Iron doors are the standard by which security is measured. With a Quantum hand forged iron entry, you get maximum security built into one incredibly distinctive door.

Aren’t Forged Iron Doors More Expensive?

The initial investment is a bit more than some doors, but no other door adds as much to the real value of your home. You get security, a distinctive old world look (that will make the neighbors envious), solid craftsmanship, energy efficiency all in door that will last a lifetime. It may be the smartest investment you’ve ever made for your home… and the last door you’ll ever buy.

Transform your home to extraordinary with a hand forged iron entry from Quantum Entries. The classic, distinguished look draws admiration to every home while adding the security that only any iron door can deliver. 

What makes the Quantum Entries doors superior to other iron doors?

The attention to detail and craftsmanship is evident. We start with heavy 14 gauge steel. Then the welded frames and doors are subjected to 2 coatings…. an electrostatic coating …. then we bake on a heavy powder coating. Finally, we apply the beautiful decorative hand painted finish of your choosing. The glass is energy efficient e-glass and the hinges are all extra heavy duty, all strike plates are mortised in the door, no surface mounted strike plates, insuring a smooth, solid closing. The result is extraordinary beauty that will gracefully endure for generations.

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